KADAKNATH – One of the rarest poultry breed of India

Introduction of Kadaknath chicken breed
Kadaknath is one of the rare hen breeds of India, local to Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh (MP), India. Originally, the Kadaknath breed is popular for its darkish meat and is called BMC (Black Meat Chicken). The breed of Kadaknath hen is well-known for its meat quality, texture and flavor. The demand for Kadaknath bird is increasing every day and is unfold in most of the Indian states due to their exquisite medicinal values. These birds in particular have outstanding medicinal fee in homeopathy and are useful in treating a selected fearful disorder. Originally, the Kadaknath chickens are reared in most cases through tribal communities in Bhil and Bhilala in Jhabua and Dhar districts in Madhya Pradesh (MP). The commercial scale of Kadaknath bird rises specifically in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. The flesh of the Kadaknath chook is black in colour and the eggs are brown in shade.

The new Kadaknath production era has decreased the death price by over 50%. Now you could expect a 10 to 12% mortality price, this extended the survival percentage and overall earnings in Kadaknath hen farming. Due to the excessive feed conversion ratio, these birds can benefit frame weight from 1.10 to 1.25 kg in a hundred to one hundred twenty five days. Kadaknath chickens can be reared like native chicken or free variety chicken. However, it is able to to begin with require a little more care to develop in a controlled environment. Later they may be freely launched into the open field.

There are three unique breeds of Black Meat Chicken (BMC) to be had within the world.

  1. Kadaknath – Native of Madhya Pradesh, India.
  2. Silky – Native to China.
  3. Ayyam Kemani – Native to Indonesia.

Blessings and Advantages of Kadaknath chook breed : – There are following blessings of developing Kadkanath bird.

  1. Kadnath fowl has the texture and flavor of fowl.
  2. This darkish meat has top medicinal values.
  3. Kadkanath chook breeds adapt to any form of environment.
  4. The meat and eggs of Kadaknath chicken are sold within the marketplace at high prices.
  5. The meat of this hen carries many forms of amino acids and nutrients.
  6. This meat helps to increase blood cells and hemoglobin.
  7. Karkanath chicken is considered to be helpful in treating pulmonary problems.
  8. Kadaknath birds convert feed to meat quickly (feed conversion ratio is high).
  9. Kaddanath hen eggs are used to deal with headaches, postpartum problems, bronchial asthma and nephritis.
  10. Kadaknath fowl is also stated to be properly for the health of women.
  11. The tribal network in MP uses the blood of Kadaknath hen within the remedy of persistent disease.
  12. Kadaknath hen eggs are also desirable for nutritional values   and older people.
  13. Kadaknath black meat contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E, niacin, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron and nicotinic acid. 
  14. The breed of Kadaknath is harsh and fairly proof against diseases.
  15. Unlike broiler fowl, they also can live on on kitchen waste.
  16. The weight of Kadaknath bird rises to approximately 1.5 kg after 6 to 7 months. 
  17. Kadaknath is one of the uncommon birds available within the world.
  18. Commercial scale cultivation of Kadaknath chook earns proper earnings if right advertising channels are established.
  19. Some state governments like Madhya Pradesh have incentive scheme for those who were inquisitive about breeding Kadaknath fowl.

Kadaknath bird and egg charge 
 Due to the truth that those birds have super medicinal price, the fee in their meat is around 600 to 800 rupees / kg. As we stated above, those chook eggs also are nutritious, they are sold inside the marketplace for forty to 50 rupees / egg.

Nutrition Price Comparison: – The following chart compares the Kadaknath dietary values   with other hen breeds.
Properties            Kadaknath Chicken      Other Breeds of Chickens
Protein content                25%                                  18 to 20%
Fat content                0.73 to 1.03                             13 to 25%
Linoleic Acid                  24%                                         21%
Cholesterol                184mg / 100gm              / 100gm

How to start Kadaknath poultry farming 

  1. Get properly breeds of Kadaknath birds.
  2. Make positive you convey the sunlight hours kisses with the right vaccination.
  3. Start with 30 to 50 birds and preserve increasing chook depend as you advantage experience.
  4. For chickens, take facts from the Poultry Department of Agriculture University and give information.
  5. Some state governments are supplying incentives on the breeding of these birds, take advantage of those benefits.
  6. They require right take care of some weeks and provide essential shelter / light / water / fodder.
  7. Do no longer start on a massive scale without knowing the hen line of business.

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