Green Tea – Amazing Health Benefits

Amazing Health Benefits of Green Tea


 Who doesn’t want a refreshing drink that provides energy to start the day off right in the morning? Tea is a beverage prepared from the buds and leaves of Camellia sinensis, and it’s 2nd largest most consumed beverage after water in the world. Most people consume it as a health promotor in many illnesses (Green Tea) and everyday drinks. Tea is not only a delicious drink but also possesses many health benefits.


Types of tea

Based on the process of production, teas have 3 main categories. Green tea, a non-fermented beverage produced from fresh leaves. Oolong tea is a partially fermented product while Black and red tea are manufactured by the complete fermentation of fresh leaves.


Composition of green tea

Green tea has a very sophisticated composition. It has a 15-20 percent protein that provides some essential amino acids and enzymes that are beneficial for human health. It also contains 5% trace minerals elements such as Iron, Magnesium, Chromium, Manganese, Calcium, Aluminum, Florine, Potassium, Nickel, Cobalt, Zinc and Copper, etc. These promote various metabolic processes in human bodies and thus provide many fantastic health benefits.


Green tea and human’s health

Green tea as an anticancer agent

This tea possesses polyphenols that are responsible for its most potent impacts on human health. Polyphenols are naturally occurring chemical substances present in certain vegetables, fruits, and a few other foods. Catechins are a subgroup of polyphenols, and these are very potent antioxidants and strong disease fighters.


These have a vast range of advantages starting from the prevention of food spoilage to halting the development of cancer.  Pine bark, Ginkgo leaves, and wine are some of the sources of Catechins, but this tea is its most abundant source.

The most valuable and dominant catechin in tea is Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG). Several scientific studies have found that EGCG is 200 times more effective in combating the free radicals and pro-oxidants that outbreak the lipids in the brain. Free radicals are the substances responsible for various severe diseases like cancer, and their hindrance by this tea aids the immune system to fight against cancer and tumor cells.


 Scientific studies

Several clinical studies have shown that consumption of the tea has significantly reduced the risk of the following kinds of cancer:

  •          Gastro-intestinal cancer
  •          Esophageal cancer
  •          Bladder cancer
  •          Lungs cancer
  •      It also decreases ovarian, prostate, and breast cancer

Control of blood sugar level 

Recent research at Birmingham University UK has reported that the consumption of green tea regularly can improve the blood sugar level. The researchers found that the use of green tea enhances insulin sensitivity, up to 13 percent.


How green tea aids in weight loss?

Obesity is increasing at an alarming rate in developed and developing countries in recent years, and now it is considered to be a global health threat. The present trend of the consumption of functional foods in weight loss and weight management has focused on the plant sources that are capable of hindering such sympathoadrenal systems.


A scientific study conducted at Birmingham University has shown that the inclusion of tea in the diet promotes the fat burning rate by 17 percent. Similarly, the contribution of fat-burning to overall energy expenditure was similar to the burning rate, and this phenomenon of fat loss ultimately helps in weight loss and weight management.



Effect of  tea on hypertension and cardiovascular diseases (CVDs)

Green tea is popular in China for its medicinal effects since ancient times. Some recent studies have shown a significant impact of green tea on reducing blood pressure, and researchers have also shown that consumption of green tea for a prolonged period of up to 1 year can decrease the danger of CVDs. The use of green tea reduces the level of bad cholesterol (LDL), and this LDL-cholesterol is the main factor that causes CVDs.


Green tea in reducing oral diseases

Oral diseases like tooth loss, periodontal diseases, and dental caries impact the overall health of a person. Dental caries is a contagious disease that is caused by multiple factors. These factors include the host response, microbes, and nutrition play an essential role. Studies report that the use of green tea decreases dental caries significantly.

Moreover, green tea fights against bacteria that are responsible for bad breath and cavities, and it also helps in curing several oral diseases like tooth loss, periodontal disease, and dental caries.


Let’s have a look at the benefits of green tea at a glance

· Boosts the immune system by binding the radicals that weaken the immune system and are responsible for many diseases·        

Helps in regulating the level of cholesterol in humans’ body·

 Makes the blood platelets less sticky, hence prevent the risk of heart attack·        

Assists in controlling the blood pressure·        

 Aids in controlling the sugar level of blood·         

Enhance the metabolism of fats and therefore helpful in weight loss

Slows down the process of aging

It has antibacterial properties


Sources of green tea

Because of growing acceptance and fame, this tea is now available in different packages and types. Some of the commonly available kinds in the market are:

Teabags – Visit any grocery store of India, China, Japan, North America, and many other countries in the world. You will find  tea bags and boxes placed on the shelves. It is the most straightforward and simplified approach to consume this kind of tea. However, most teabags contain lower quality tea, and many people sacrifice quality over handiness.





Iced tea- Many ready-made drinks of green tea are also getting fame. This kind of tea is gaining popularity and finding its way in ready-to-drink form. Many tea takers regard their taste as the best.

Loose tea- This option is widely available for tea lovers who prefer fresh directly brewed from the leaves. With the addition of tea sacs and tea infusers, loose-leaf drinkers are capable of enjoying the best taste as well as convivence




Consumption of green tea regularly can boost immunity, help in weight loss, and prevent humans from severe diseases like cancer and CVD.

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