How to start Cloud Kitchen?

A cloud kitchen is primarily a kitchen that only accepts orders coming in through an online/offline/telephone ordering system and has a base kitchen that delivers food to the customers. It does not have any dine-in facility and simply picks up your order and delivers it to you. There is no dine-in facility in this kitchen where you can sit and eat.




In the changing times, there is also a lot of change in the way of doing business. Earlier, where every business is done keeping in mind the offline customer, but nowadays almost every business whether it is small or big, is becoming online, and why not in today’s era of data, everyone is working online. , playing online games, watching movies online, even booking tickets online even if you want to go somewhere, and ordering food online.


Cloud Kitchen


The reason for all this is the presence of the Internet everywhere at a cheap rate, and the Internet is the reason due to which today more than one business is becoming online in the world. Nowadays, there are many such businesses online too, about which most people will not even be aware. But there are also many other businesses that can be started online. Although there is no shortage of business, today we will talk about how to do the business of cloud kitchen (the business that delivers food to the customer without any shop or restaurant)?


Cloud Kitchen Market in India –

This type of food business has registered very good growth in India recently. At present, a total market of $ 15 billion has been made in India. One of the biggest reasons for the success of this business is that it has become very fast to deliver food these days. This type of business is trending a lot these days. However, there are many other businesses that have started in this period, which have achieved great success in the food industries. Cloud kitchen can be started without a restaurant.


In this, you have to build an app according to your business. Through which you will give service to your customer. Like taking orders, taking customer feedback, means connecting with the customer, you have to consider the app as the basis in this business. Because whatever you do, you will do it through the app itself.


Cloud kitchens can be of many types-


Independent cloud kitchen –

It has only one base kitchen and no physical (shop) stores. In this, orders are taken online or over the phone, and delivery is given.

Single storefront cloud kitchen –

In this, there is a storefront i.e. shop, in which apart from ordering online, customers can also place their order at that shop and then collect their food parcel. There is no facility to sit or eat in it.

Multi store front cloud kitchen –

In this, there are shops at different places in many places, in which apart from online ordering, customers can also place their order at that shop and then collect their food parcel. Their food or recipe is prepared in a base kitchen and the final touch is given at the storefront.



How to start a cloud kitchen business?


First of all, choose the place

First of all, you have to see the way of your business, what kind of delivery you want to give, because often in the matter of food, customers like to use fast service more. , and for fast service, you have to choose between the market or any such place from where you do not have any problem in getting food delivered.


How much can a cloud kitchen be started with?

If this business is done properly i.e. to start in nominal expenses, you have to first pay attention to the whole setup of your business, because your whole business is based on food, so you have to spend on the kitchen and its equipment, like Space for kitchen, fireplace, freezer, burner, etc.


Cost for Equipment –

If you want, you can also start work by taking this equipment for rent. The less you spend, the more you will spend on improving your service. Well, nowadays the service of kitchen equipment is also available in the market. , and your entire expenditure has to be on all of these, so if you want, you can give more importance to this type of service. Your installation cost will also be saved.




Build your own personal app and website – 

You should not always depend on an app that delivers your food, for this, you have to use some kind of service, you decide according to the location. This is necessary because nowadays the delivery app charges 10 to 25 percent on an order. In this case, your profit can be very less.

That’s why it is important that you create a separate website or an app for your company, for any kind of problem in this work, you can talk to the online customer care call center. If the website or you will be yours, then you will get direct orders, so that the middlemen will not get any commission. Wherein your profit will also double


App & Website


Do you need a license for an online kitchen business?

For this business, you will have to do GST registration, get an FSSAI license, municipal license, Fire license, and some other documents will be required. You can also take the help of a legal firm to complete all the paperwork. For taking all these types of licenses, at most, 10 -15 thousand rupees may be required.



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