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Importance of Food / Diet in our life (Ahar / Bhojan )

Diet or food is a natural or unnaturally obtained food / food item, such as grains obtained by nature, pulses, rice, wheat, vegetables, fruits, milk sugar, oil, these are all natural grains, which we get by nature, in the same way unnatural Grains like meat, fish, eggs, and other animal products are all non-natural foods, which are very important for us, we get nutrition from these diets, which is essential for our body.


Aahar/ Diet

Food : Food is solid or liquid, which is necessary for us human being to survive and for emotional vision. Diet is an essential substance for the balance of human’s physical mental emotional social capacity with food.


Nutrition from diet : Through complex processes, a living being receives and uses the substances necessary for the growth and reconstruction of the element and nutrition through complex processes, it is called nutrition, which is obtained when the diet is balanced.


Healthy diet : A healthy diet is what is necessary to maintain a healthy health. Many chronic diseases that damage health, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer, are very important for the prevention of a healthy diet. In a healthy diet Consuming all nutrients and water in adequate amounts is included. Nutrients can be obtained from many food items, in which all the nutrients are present, that nutritious diet is considered a healthy diet. Healthy diet is very beneficial for our body. So we can see the actual importance of food in life .


Healthy food



The World Health Organization has said five main things for a healthy diet –

(1) Healthy diet leads to energy balance and healthy eating

(2) Consume a healthy diet with limited energy from total fat, use saturated fat, and use trans-fats

(3) Increase intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, and nuts and juices

(4) Consume normal sugar, avoid the use of excessive sugar

(5) Limit the use of  sodium (salt), that too should be iodized salt.

WHO : It is estimated that every 2.7 lakh deaths are due to lack of vegetables, fruits in the diet, WHO estimates that 19% of people do not use a balanced diet. Cancer is the cause of heart attack in 31%, and stroke in 11%, thus 2.7 lakh people die every year due to the use of unbalanced diet. WHO also want or indicate that every person know the importance of food.


Diet/Types of Food: There are three types of diet.


(1) Sattvic diet

(2) Rajasic diet

(3) Tamsik diet.


Saatvik diet –

(1) Saatvik diet purifies the body, provides peace to the mind

(2) Eat food within 3-4 hours, it is called saatvik diet.

(3) Example: – Fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, almonds, cereals and fresh milk.


Satvik Food



Rajasic diet –

(1) These diets induce the body and mind to function, excessive consumption of it causes hyperactivity, restlessness, irritability, anger, sleeplessness in the body.

(2) Very tasty food diet is Rajasic diet

(3) Example: – Spicy food, onion, garlic, tea, coffee, and fried food are all Rajasic food.


Rajsik Food


Tamsik diet –

(1) Tamsik diets are those which dull the body and mind, excessive consumption of them leads to inertia, confusion, and disorientation.

(2) Steamed or reheated food, oily or excessive food and food containing artificial testers come under this category.

(3) Example:- Non-vegetarian diet, Banana diet, fatty diet, oil-rich diet, and excessively sweet diet.


Tamsik Food




Thus we can say that a good diet makes our health good. There is a saying that


“The food should be like what you eat.”

“If you have a good mind, then become God”


Meaning : As we eat, so does our mind, so good, diet makes our body and mind equal to God, that is, the right diet keeps our mind and body satisfied and healthy and balanced in the right way. Because of which a good mind resides in a good body. Now I think we can understand the importance of food.

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